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Some Good News for Southern California Conference: Pathway to Health L. A. April 26-29, 2016

To get an idea of what PTH-LA will be like, watch this brief video about the San Antonio Pathway to Health in April, 2015

The Southern California Conference will be a co-sponsor of Pathway to Health L. A. (PtoHLA)

Leila Lewis, MD, MPH is the President of the organization of Your Best Pathway to Health (YbPTH), a mobile mega-clinic that offers comprehensive free medical, dental and vision care services to the uninsured and underinsured. The next event, Pathway to Health Los Angeles, will be on April 26-29, 2016.  Your best Pathway to Health is a service of Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) and is co-sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist church, Glendale Adventist and White Memorial Medical centers, Loma Linda University and many other entities and organizations.

Since its inception in 2013, YbPTH has been successfully fulfilling its mission to meet the whole person needs of the underserved in various cities within North America.  At the first event, over 500 volunteers provided more than 5.2 million dollars of free healthcare services to over 3,100 people in 2.5 days in San Francisco and Oakland.  Services included comprehensive medical, dental and eye care. These services were expanded in YbPTH-San Antonio where, in April of 2015, 1700 volunteers provided services to 6,192 patients, in 2.5 days, worth more than 20 million dollars. Watch a 4-minute video about the San Antonio event:
Thus far, comprehensive medical care has included women’s health care (including Pap smears, biopsies and ultrasounds), major surgeries and various other surgical subspecialties, primary care, and medical subspecialties, such as cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology among many others. Services have also included echocardiographic and radiologic imaging, pharmacy, and laboratory services. Dental care, the most highly sought-after service, includes free crowns, fillings, extractions, cleaning and root canals. Eye care services include examinations, retinal scans and fittings for free glasses. All services are provided without restriction or discrimination, regardless of citizenship, insurance or any other criteria.
In all four previous cities, it has been an honor to have the event co-sponsored by the respective Mayor’s office and Department of Public Health. This collaboration has been a wonderful asset to both YbPTH and the city and we look forward the possibility of having a similar collaboration in L. A.  
Collaboration with local city governments and entities is very important to YbPTH. This close relationship allows for excellent follow up with patients and helps to enlist appropriate Medicaid and Affordable Care Act candidates with various insurance options.  YbPTH carries its own medical malpractice insurance along with general liability insurance.
YbPTH administration anticipates that, depending on the size and location of the venue in Los Angeles, YbPTH-Los Angeles could service more than 10,000 patients, April 26-29, 2016.  Services are expected to again be significantly expanded and in addition to the above-mentioned services will include outpatient surgical services including hysterectomies, cholecystectomies (gallbladder surgery), radiological services, among many others. The estimated worth of the free healthcare services will very likely exceed $30 million dollars.

YbPTH has found that the services offered at Pathway mega-clinics are greatly needed in cities throughout the United States. As an organization, we were blessed to collaborate with many church and other organizations to help meet Los Angeles’ specific needs.

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